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Alexi Malenky Handyman

Alexi Malenky was born and raised in New York City, and lived in the Bay Area in northern California from 1987-2021. In 2021, he moved with his family to Nampa, Idaho.

After working as a cook at a popular diner in Berkeley for 5 years, he started apprenticing with Eureka Valley Construction, and spent 13 years learning on the job. His boss, Jim did not like to hire subcontractors, so that meant the crew had their hands in all the many aspects of house building and repair. Alexi's handyman business started in 2004. His first job was finishing the "Blue House", where he lived for over 20 years.

Corey Nicholl was born in Berkeley, CA, but grew up all over the country. After college, he moved from Los Angeles to the Bay Area. Corey's first job was helping Alexi finish the Blue House, where he lived with Alexi & Erika until their move to Nampa. Upon arriving in Idaho, Corey joined Alexi's Handyman Service full-time!

No job is too small for Alexi’s Handyman Service. We will hang a picture, or hang a door! Alexi’s skills cover a very wide range, in almost every category of construction, including but not limited to framing and carpentry, basic electrical and plumbing, insulation, sheetrock, painting, tile, flooring, fence-building, decking, installing doors and windows, installing cabinetry and appliances and lighting, building/installing custom shelving, and repair work in all of these areas.

Alexi is well-versed in green building techniques and familiar with the range of non-toxic materials available for most jobs.

He charges on a sliding scale. Talk to us for more information about that!

Check out Alexi's portfolio, and give us a call or send us an email. We look forward to working with you!

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What clients have to say about Alexi?

“Thank you Alexi for your expert workmanship and delightful demeanor. It was great having you here creating a small piece of the Hearst Castle right here in my bathroom.”

“Dear Alexi, Thank you so much for working on my deck. It is lovely, wonderful! I am looking forward to next summer when I can enjoy sitting out with a cup of coffee. One of my neighbors admired your work and was impressed with your energy and focus. If you ever need a reference -- I'm your champion. Thanks again -- I am happy!”

“Thank You! Sorry when you left today we were busy and I didn't get a chance to say a proper “thank you.” Thanks for your work this week. I really appreciated your attention to detail and suggestions for completing the work. I hope we have an opportunity to have you help us again.”

“Alexi Malenky is our go-to guy for the full spectrum of fix-it, build-it, rainproof-it, install-it, “Jeez-I-can't-do-that-let's-call-someone-who-can” construction work.  Among about 15 other successful projects he's done for us (all on-time and on -- or under -- budget), Alexi built me a gorgeous, rock-solid, fully soundproofed voice over studio (and this, literally across the street from the BART tracks!) where I basically spend about 80% of my time these days. He's astoundingly capable, remarkably neat, painstakingly honest and generally awesome and we've recommended him wholeheartedly to many many similarly 'un-handy' friends. He and Corey are a pleasure to work with and we'll happily vouch for Alexi's Handyman Service any day of the week.”

“Alexi, Thank you for the beautiful work. We are delighted with our stove hood and beautiful dining room ceiling!”

“Dear Alexi, Thank you so much for the work that you do. What may appear as "small jobs" make our quality of life so much better, and I am so grateful that Allison introduced me to you and Corey. Your work makes a daily difference in our lives!”

“Trying to help a friend who is the best handyman I've ever known. He moved from Berkeley to Idaho … He is the fairest, most honorable man in the trades.”

“You have been such a wonderful handyman and we wish you the very best!! Cheers!”

“Thanks so much for all your help over the last few years, and for all of your thoughtful attention to our house, to us, and to our kids.”

“I am very grateful for the years we've had the opportunity to work together and wish you the absolute best in this new chapter. I would be happy to be a reference for future clients, as needed. Take care and stay in touch!”

“Blessings on your move! Berkeley will not be the same without the Dude! :-)”


“I have really enjoyed getting to know Alexi over the past few years and greatly appreciated his high quality work. Please let Alexi know that Percy, our dog, will miss him, too.”


“Your presence and support, as well as handyman skills, have been an invaluable part of our lives. I will forever tell the story of two guys who didn't know us, weren't yet free to do the work, and still came by to put up some plywood to keep the little ones in the backyard of a family they did not know. You have always been thoughtful, helpful, flexible, and kind. As we look around our home, we see Alexi's work everywhere and fondly remember his visits. And of course, our connection with Allison and the many other friends you assisted have been another tie between us.”

You’ve been a great help to us on many projects, but above all, you’ve been a real mensch in all our interactions.”

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